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Summer Shedule

By uniquealter41079658, Jun 8 2017 04:16AM

I'll be closing my shop on every Saturdays during the summer months, starting Saturday June 10, 2017 until further notice. Instead, I'll be opening every Sunday; starting Sunday June 11, 2017.

At the same time by mentioning "Summerspecial" will automatically get you 15% off on your alteration services at the time you drop off.

May 4 2019 08:17PM by Alexandra Grubbs


I will be working with the Department of Corrections and I have 3 pairs of pants that need to be hemmed.

I was wondering how long that would take, I need to have them on Monday May 6 before I go down to Madison on May 7th.

If I’m able to use the Summerspecial or not, how much will this be?

Thank you!

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